Here are some easy tips to help buyers remain on top of the market today.


Home buyers can experience this kind of market exhausting. It requires patience to wait for the right bid to be placed on the house. For over 30 years I’ve ran an agency in O’Fallon IL. I’ve heard numerous stories from agents on the impact of the market on their clients. I’ve reviewed hundreds of contracts for sales, and I am familiar with the most popular strategies employed by Realtors to make offers accepted.

Today, I’ll share some suggestions to aid buyers to compete in the current market.

1. Pre-approve.

You don’t have the time nor patience to find the ideal home and to visit the banks for pre-approval. To prove that you’re committed to buying the house you must be pre-approved. Discuss with your lender the monthly payments that you feel comfortable with.

Agents who list houses will receive offers from buyers and then verify the lender’s pre-approval letters. Agents who list their properties and are highly efficient will have a good understanding of numerous local lenders. Certain lenders are notorious for their sabotage of deals. The agent who is listing the property may provide information about you if you work with one of these lenders.

Contact a knowledgeable agent for suggestions on the most suitable lenders to assist you in getting the offer approved. This is particularly important in cities that are smaller. Smaller cities have real estate agents tend to be more inclined to meet one another. The experience and reputation of your Realtor and Mortgage Broker could significantly impact the quality of your contract.

2. Make sure you’re prepared.

To make the seller aware that you’re in the know.  Your Realtor will request earnest money in advance. Find out the best closing date for the seller, or other details that can sweeten the deal.

Every seller could have their own reasons for selling. A seller could be selling their home through a relocation firm, and another could be selling an investment property. Every seller will have conditions that they like.

It’s recommended to speak with your Realtor prior to submitting your offer if you’re looking to buy a home in a highly competitive marketplace. Your agent should ask the agent for the seller what they’re seeking in the contract. This will enable you to customize your offer to meet the needs of the seller. It will guarantee that your offer is on top of the list.

3. Find a reputable Realtor.

I ensure that my clients are prepared before we meet. In addition to looking through the internet for listings, we also investigate properties off the market to assist our customers. This provides buyers with an advantage.

4. Make sure to include an Escalation Clause.

An escalation clause is a clause that buyers add to a contract.  This says that they will raise their offer above the highest bidding price. The price of the contract for the buyer will be automatically increased without having to sign an additional contract or amend the existing contract. The clause usually has an upper limit on the amount of escalation. This strategy is employed to ensure that your bid is at the top of the list during the bidding war.

Here’s an example.

  • Homebuyer A was willing to pay $500,000 for the home valued at $490,000. The contract included an escalation clause that was $3,000 greater than the highest price.
  • The house has 30 other offers. The highest bid of Buyer B is $550,000.
  • In this instance the price of the contract of the buyer A is automatically raised to $553,000.

This is among the most well-known ways to beat your competitors in extremely competitive markets.

An escalation clause is only used when you can raise your bid significantly over the list price. A escalation clause instantly puts your offer at the highest. They may be utilized by the agent listing your bid to force you to pay more than the contract price.

An escalation clause permits the agent of the seller to contact buyers to request the buyers to sign an agreement to escalate. Once they’ve reached the maximum price, you’ll be required to pay a specific dollar amount.

In the year 2018, escalation clauses became widely used and are now an increasingly common element in real property markets. If they’re not properly structured they could be difficult to understand. Before you implement this strategy, be sure that your Realtor is well-versed in the idea.

Remember these points

It is essential to be flexible in order to meet the unique requirements as a buyer in a highly competitive market. Every seller has their particular requirements. You’ll be able to beat your competition by being able to react quickly and satisfy the needs of the seller.

You might need to think outside the box if you are looking to sell your home prior to buying a new property. Sellers with multiple offers on their home won’t sign contract that is contingent on the sale of a house. Sellers would like to stay clear of as many delay and contingencies as they can. We can assist you to quickly locate buyers in this highly competitive market.

If you want to give yourself more flexibility, you might consider the possibility of selling your home and renting the property on AirBnB (or temporary rental). While this could be risky since there’s not a lot of available inventory, it can provide you with the advantage you require to persuade that the seller to sign the contract. It is possible to get more cash to make the sale go through faster.

Certain companies will purchase your home after you have found another , however it typically comes with a cost. Since the demand for homes increases each year, lenders and realtors are becoming innovative. When you are ready to sell your house make sure you research companies that could assist you in purchasing a new home.

Do not hesitate to contact me via phone, email or email if you’re interested in selling or buying. I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you.