Credit and Mortgage

May 10, 2024
Biggest Financial Investment Making the decision to purchase a home is the biggest financial investment many people will make as an adult, takes a level of dedication and self-control, and years of planning to achieve. The most important factor in what size home you are qualified to purchase is your credit score. A high credit […]
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Gutter Guards

March 27, 2024
Most Important Items They may not get much attention, but gutters are one of the most important items outside your house. Gutters are attached at the leading edges of the roof on all sides. When heavy rains fall, they collect the water that runs off the roof and direct the water away from the foundation […]
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Radon Testing

February 23, 2024
Biggest Safety Issue When it is time to buy a new home and request a home inspection, the biggest safety issue may not be the uneven sidewalk or termite damage. It may be radon. Radon is a natural element. The colorless, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas is formed when uranium decays in soil, rock, and water. […]
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Home staging

Ellerbrake Staging

January 25, 2024
Stage Your Home For Listing How you stage your home for listing pictures and open houses is one of the most important steps to getting as much money out of the sale of your home as possible, especially in a market where buyers are getting into bidding wars for homes in highly desirable neighborhoods.  Staging […]
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winter home

Winter Home Safety

December 26, 2023
Keep Your Family and Home Safe The winter months can bring a host of dangers to homeowners. From the dry, cold stretches that make up most of the season to the brief, but intense storms with heavy snow and ice, there are several things you can do to keep your family and home safe. Have […]
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Smart homes

The Impact of Smart Home Technology

December 8, 2023
Rise of Smart Homes Integrating smart home technology has significantly influenced the real estate market in recent years. Homebuyers increasingly prioritize properties with a roof over their heads and a seamless, technologically advanced living experience. This shift in consumer preferences has sparked a conversation about the impact of smart home features on property values. Smart […]
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Green For The Holidays

November 8, 2023
Green Up Your Holidays The holidays can be a difficult time for any good habit to be enforced. No time for exercise, rich, decadent foods everywhere, family tensions flare, and money run short. One habit, however, is not only easy to keep throughout the holidays but easy to share with everyone you know- the gift […]
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House hunting

What To Look For When House Hunting

October 20, 2023
Choosing The Right Neighborhood Choosing the right neighborhood is just as important as selecting the perfect house. Your surroundings will significantly influence your quality of life, from local amenities and schools to safety and community vibes. So, before you make that huge investment, it’s essential to thoroughly research and consider the area where you’re planning […]
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Ellerbrake Halloween-Blog

October 13, 2023
Homeowners Decorating for Halloween One of the most exciting times for homeowners is decorating for Halloween and seeing all the unique costumes children of all ages wear trick-or-treating. Follow these safety tips to keep children and their parents safe when they come to your house. Follow These Safety Tips Well-lit pathways- Make sure the front […]
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Home owner

Guide to Become a Satisfied Homeowner

September 29, 2023
Most Significant Financial Decisions Ever Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions ever. It’s not just about finding a place to live; it’s an investment in your future and your family’s well-being. To ensure you make the right move, you need a well-thought-out plan and a solid understanding of the home-buying […]
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Fireplace Maintenance

September 21, 2023
Keep your Home and Family Safe As summer rapidly comes to a close, homeowners with fireplaces begin looking forward to long nights curled up in front of the fire with a hot drink and a good read. Before throwing the first log of the season in and lighting it up, there are a number of […]
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house pool

Shutting Down The Pool

August 25, 2023
Important Considerations  An important consideration for many families purchasing a new home is whether or not it has a pool or if there is room in the backyard to put a pool. A pool is a major investment to your home and your property if it is maintained properly and can increase your property’s value. […]
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choosing siding

Choosing Siding For Your Home

July 26, 2023
First Things to Notice One of the first things that people notice about the exterior of your house is its color and the material. While it is difficult to convert a house with siding to brick or stucco or vice versa, it is possible. Choosing the correct siding for your home will not only help […]
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Shopping For A House Out Of Area

July 3, 2023
With Scott Air Force Base in our backyard, we have lots of clients that are not able to look at homes before their transfer in or out of the area. Thanks to improvements in technology, it is easier to look at a variety of homes and close the deal ahead of time, without having to […]
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Real Estate Investment

June 13, 2023
    With the residential real estate market running on low inventory, you might be wondering if trying to find a single-family home or duplex to rent out is a good idea. Below are some things to think about to determine if this is a good time to invest. Evaluate your financial situation. Purchasing real […]
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bbq o fallon il

Back Yard Entertaining Safety

May 30, 2023
One of the advantages to having a home of your own is the ability to have friends and family over for food and fun in your own backyard. If this is your first summer as a new home owner, here are some things to keep in mind to make sure your guests remain safe when […]
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energy upgrades

Energy Upgrades To Improve Home Value

April 5, 2023
  Energy-efficient upgrades are a good investment not just for saving money while you live in your house, but can increase the value of your home for potential buyers when you are ready to sell. A recent study by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) found nine out of ten home buyers prefer a home […]
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spring home repairs

Spring Home Repairs To Prepare Your House For Selling

March 7, 2023
  Many homeowners are beginning to start their spring cleaning lists and decluttering for a fresh start after a long winter. While cleaning your home inside and out, it is a good time to check your home for wear and tear inside and out that may have occurred during the harsh winter months. Checking for […]
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for sale by owner

For Sale By Owner Pitfalls

February 8, 2023
  Sometimes homeowners think that they can sell their home as easily as they are selling a car or boat. They think by selling their own home, they can save the typical commission paid to a real estate agent. Unfortunately, selling a home is a little more complicated and can end up costing you more […]
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loan process

The Mortgage Loan Process: A Step-By-Step Home Loan Guide

February 8, 2023
Most homebuyers dream of owning a home. But before you make the purchase, many steps need to be followed. One of them is the mortgage loan application. Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions an individual makes and involves numerous factors such as affordability, credit score, debt-to-income ratio, loan amount, property type, […]
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