If you are getting ready to buy a first home or are new to the O'Fallon IL area, you might be wondering home much you will pay for home owners insurance. The costs vary depending on a multitude of factors related to the home itself including location, age of the home, construction methods, number of stories, square footage, building costs, home upgrades, replacement costs, etc. Importantly, many other factors including the amount of personal property coverage, the amount of the deductible, the amount of liability coverage, the property’s proximity to emergency services like fire hydrants and fire departments, the person’s credit history, and if there have been prior insurance claims all figure in to premiums. Also there are commonly premium discounts available for bundled policies which may include auto, homeowners, and/or other insurance. So, there is no set answer to the question. The best way to find out how much homeowner’s insurance would cost would be to contact an insurance company and ask for an estimate.