This time of year a lot of people ask us if they should list their O'Fallon IL home now, or wait until spring. You might be surprised, but if you are ready, my recommendation is to list your home now. There are a number of compelling reasons to market your home in the Fall and Winter months. For example, just as the supply of buyers increases in the spring, so does the supply of homes, thereby increasing your competition. However, many sellers take their home off the market during winter months, leaving the supply of homes lower. By listing your home right now, you will usually be competing with far fewer homes, and typically the buyers who are willing to look in the cold and snow are far more motivated. Perhaps they have had a recent job transfer or have recently sold their prior home, or just want to move before school starts back up. The point is, they may be more likely to buy your O'Fallon IL home. If you would like more information about why selling in the winter may increase your odds of selling, don’t hesitate to call us.

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